Houses in the trees

The thing that in Poland seems to be a crazy idea or exclusively the domain of childhood fantasy, in several countries of the world, especially in the United States is not only done for years, but treated with all seriousness due developed and rapidly acting branch wood construction. And we are not talking about small houses, terraces and arbors viewing, but also for year-round residential houses amid the trees!

For some it is a way to stand out from the other, for each other is the fulfillment of a childhood dream, but all can be an interesting and original solution to spend your time enjoying the marvelous views. In addition, very importantly, the houses on the trees do not require any permits, so it may be a way to resolve the problem of difficulty in obtaining a building permit.


We work with a number of specialist companies in the United States involved in a number of years building homes in the trees. We make structures permanently associated with trees or that they do not damage.